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Seller: 'LiFE is an honest estate agent'

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Published on: Jan. 16, 2019, 9:15 a.m.
Updated on: Oct. 30, 2019, 11:05 a.m.

Based in Dubai, Mr D.P has been part of LiFE family for over 21 years. He purchased his first apartment in the Park Plaza County Hall development in 1997. He has since sold a couple of his London properties with the help of LiFE Sales team, and LiFE is currently managing one of his rental properties. 

Mr D.P  describes his long standing relationship with LiFE to be down to core values LiFE staff embodies, mainly: Integrity and Honesty, as well as Trust, Humility, Respect and Empowerment. 

“In the 20+ years that Ralph has been managing my apartment at Whitehouse, when he tells me that I need to reduce the rent, I know that this is exactly what needs to be done to get a tenant. As a result I have had minimal void periods,” - says Mr D.P. 

LiFE Managing Director Jonathan Werth and property consultants Ralph and Francesca have been working alongside Mr D.P for over two decades, whilst  simultaneously providing an enhanced level of customer service and basing their advise on facts.

“When I speak to Jon, Francesca or Ralph, I am confident that they will paint a factual and balanced picture, “ – says Mr D.P. 

Mr D.P says he has never used services of other estate agents apart from LiFE, but if he had to choose one again, reputation would be his top priority.

“LiFE have a strong brand both in the UK and overseas. I have friends in Singapore and Hong Kong who are your clients. Any property advertised by LiFE will have a wider audience,” says Mr D.P 

Currently owning two properties in London, Mr D.P says in order to achieve return on your London investment, it is important to be flexible and have realistic expectations about the market, which is attainable by keeping close contact with your property experts.

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