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PropTech: Investing in our customers

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Published on: Jan. 24, 2019, 2:49 p.m.
Updated on: Jan. 31, 2020, 5:18 a.m.

Property Technology or PropTech is a term now used across the property industry’s entirety. Thousands of different softwares, services and applications make up this fascinating buzzword, all with one goal in mind - to make the property world we know work more efficiently and effectively, eradicating any old, slow processes in the way.

As a forward thinking estate agency, LiFE Residential was an early adopter of PropTech and in 2016 lead to start our own investment arm, LiFE Ventures. According to LiFE Managing Director Jonathan Werth, the company engages with PropTech to do the best we can to enhance the experience of renting for our clients (landlords) and our customers (tenants),  

"Our staff also need to be able to engage with the most relevant software so they are able to work as efficiently as possible, leaving time to focus on exeptional customer care," said Jonathan Werth. 

Since its birth, LiFE Ventures has invested in several start-ups – most of which are now in action across the company. There are currently 5 PropTech companies whom we've invested in to benefit your customer journey through often complicated lettings, property management and sales processes. 

Are you a tenant looking to rent? Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot, Blyng can be of assistance. The Blyng chatbot, available 24/7, is able to qualify you for one our properties via the Facebook messenger app, WhatsApp or website at any time of the day – even when our offices are closed. This allows any potential tenant to ensure their property enquiry has been noted on the system and will be picked up as soon as an agent becomes available.

Blyng_logo - Copy.jpgBlyng.io, the AI chatbot for property enquiries.

In the process of letting a property and can’t wait to move in? Goodlord, one of LiFE's first ever investments is on hand to provide a speedier referencing service. Goodlord allows you to upload your references, e-sign your tenancy agreement, and secure your property - all via an app on your phone. Not only are you saving youself heaps of time, you're also saving the planet too!

goodlord_logo - Copy.jpgGoodlord, the speedy tenant referencing service.

Getrentr, a recent investment of LiFE's, provides automated property licensing compliance. If you are a landlord, Getrentr are able to track any changes to rules and regulations that could potentially affect your property portfolios and act in real time to ensure your property is compliant.

getrentr-office.jpgGetrentr, a landlords new best friend.

Lastly, our most widely used PropTech solution, KeyNest. Used across all 11 LiFE branches, KeyNest provide flexible key management solutions for your property. Via the KeyNest app, lettings negotiators, contractors and property managers who may need access to your property will go through the app to acquire your keys, whilst doing so, the KeyNest software will keep track of and notify you the ongoing status of them.

Logo h@2x-100 - Copy.jpgKeyNest, the key management solution.

To keep our finger on the PropTech pulse, LiFE Ventures have recently aquiried the UK's first ever PropTech dedicated pitching event, TeqDen. The event itself allows PropTech start-ups to come and pitch in a dragons den-esque event, to a panel of potential investors. This keeps LiFE Ventures ear to the ground, providing us firsthand, new and exciting PropTech solutions which could very easily become another one of our services. 

logo h (powered by)@1500x - Copy.jpgNewly branded LiFE Ventures TeqDen logo.

For both landlords and tenants, these very smart PropTech applications allow a much more organised and time-effective way of working, which is why LiFE Residential are proud investors of these new market solutions. These solutions and processes, however, do not take away the beauty of face-to-face meetings and as a company this is something we will not be replacing anytime soon.

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