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Our #Salesdoctor is here to help with your property sale

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Published on: Dec. 4, 2018, 3:29 p.m.
Updated on: Oct. 30, 2019, 11:03 a.m.

Maximise your property’s potential through monitored results and clear listing goals with LiFE’s #SalesDoctor. The free of charge assessment provides all sellers valuable insight into how their property is currently exposed to the market, whilst offering direction on what to improve.

“There are an alarming number of agents who fail to get the basics right, let alone understand the details and nuances of a listing a property for sale to ensure market exposure of the clients' asset is optimised, “ – Josh Larn, Area Sales Manager, LiFE Residential.

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According to Josh Larn, Area Sales Manager, when this happens, it is unfortunately the seller that takes the hit.

"The galling part is when said agent subsequently (after no positive refinement/effort) requests a price reduction due to lack of activity/enquiries, typically a vendor would accept the request to enable traction whilst being understandably naive to the agents lack of action/expertise," - said Josh Larn.

Having completed in excess of 100 million pounds worth of property sales last year, the LiFE Sales team understand and empathise with the strenuous nature of selling a property, particularly in the current market. To reduce the strain and to maximise the return on the property agents are entrusted with, we’ve launched the #SalesDoctor campaign.

With property portal being at the forefront of listing exposure, our no strings attached consultation sevice enables sellers to assess their property's performance, more specifically, the listing visibility, page views and enquiry levels received across all property portals.

Some things the #SalesDoctor focuses on:

  • The digital shop window of your property - the listing: Photos are the first introduction to your property that buyers engage with, therefore it’s important the pictures showcase your property in its best light. Having access to statistical insights from Rightmove’s data analysts means we’re continuously on top of market trends. Therefore, we can advise you on what images to place at the forefront of your listing. It’s also important to include your floorplans dimensions, since 20% of buyers will not consider a property without this essential information. 
  • Extensive exposure to potential buyers: Not all agents will list your property with the biggest property portals, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, or use supplemental products which directly affect the visibility of your listing. Placing your property with just OnTheMarket will only generate 14 million visitors per month, compared to the 68 million visitors per month on Zoopla, you get a 79% less exposure.
  • Agent's engagement with the sale of your asset: Looking at consistent listing audits, property performance reports and continual review of comparable product to enable informed decisions. 

The list is long, but in order to get an accurate diagnosis, you need to see LiFE’s #SalesDoctor in person. Symptoms such as what terminology is used by a prospective buyer, use of capitalisation within the description of your listing, or even the correct price banding, are only a few examples of what our #SalesDoctor looks into. After all, the #SalesDoctor is there to make sure you get the sale agreed.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our sales team at LiFE have managed to achieve the unthinkable by halving the UK’s average fall through rate to 15.9%.

What LiFE can do for you:

  • The support of a dedicated sales progression department. A true asset to the company, our team have been specifically employed to actively assist the progression of sales. They are known for strengthening relationships with our solicitors by staying ahead of the curve through their wealth of knowledge, efficient response timeframe, their ability to diffuse issues as they arise and avoid commitment to the transaction being jeopardised. Their proactive work ethic ensures your interests are protected and ensure your file is given a sustainable level of attention.
  • Access to 50,000 diligently qualified  prospective purchasers on our database
  • Free of charge, we provide comprehensive advertisementof your property on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location, in addition to our own website, which is nominated for the ‘Best Website of The Year’ at The Negotiator Awards. As well as extensive exposure on social media, our in-house team of photographers and videographers ensure your property looks its best in pictures, videos and 360° walk-throughs. 
  • Extensive London coverage throughout zones 1-6, as well as international client reach with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa.

Essentially, we’re providing you with an insight into the credibility of your property listing which your agent has created.

Your annual property health check-up is due, book your free no commitment appointment with the #SalesDoctor by filling in the form below or emailing salesenquiry@liferesidential.co.uk.

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