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Travelling around the capital: your London transport guide

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Published on: March 20, 2017, 3:45 p.m.
Updated on: Jan. 15, 2019, 12:29 p.m.

London is a big old place, and we know that there is always more to see, do and discover. Luckily, London runs one of the largest public transport networks in the world, meaning you can experience a spin on the London eye and cocktails in Clapham all in the same day. Not sure what to try first? Here’s the 411:


  1. Tube – the holy grail of London transport
    Outside Finchley Road tube station on a clear day with several people in viewIf you want to whizz across the city in no time, cheaply, and with minimal effort, you need to get on the tube. Underground, over ground, wombling free (well, that’s mainly in Wimbledon), the tube gives you endless possibilities for dashing around the capital. With 11 underground lines, you can weave your way from White City to Canary Wharf with just two line changes. Get yourself an oyster and link it to your bank account so you never have to top up again! Or simply use your contactless bank card… Just make sure you plan your route before you set off!

  2. Bus – for when there are tube strikes
    A close-up of the side of a red London bus heading towards AldgateUnfortunately, tube workers do often tend to demonstrate their right to protest, leaving us tube advocates to face the harsh light of London over ground to get to work. A good tube alternative is the humble red bus. With the Mayor of London’s new fare hopper scheme, you can travel further by bus for cheaper. No cash required, hop on and off with your oyster and experience the great sights of London as you get stuck in rush-hour traffic…

  3. Boris Bikes – for the eco-friendly
    A line of Santander bicycles motionless outside on a sunny dayNick-named due to their introduction by the previous mayor of London, Boris Johnson, the Santander bicycles dotted across the capital are great for dashing around on short journeys. They are self-serviced, so simply tap your bank card to get started and drop them off at any docking station. There is even an app which makes hiring a bike and planning a cycle route even easier. Starting from £2, if you fancy a fitness kick and a great way to see London on a summer’s day, you might want to get a helmet at the ready.

  4. Black cabs – for the high-flyers
    Outside of Canary Wharf station, looking at the station from across the road with a moving black taxi in betweenThey’re iconic, they’re plentiful, and they require minimal effort from your part. London’s black cabs can get you from A to B no bother, just don’t be surprised by the bill at the end.

  5. Uber – for the savvy
    Close-up of the right-hand side back end of a car, focusing on the light, taken in the evening
    Those that are more forward-thinking and teccy will want to try Uber. Register your card on the app, request your pick-up location and see your driver coming to get you on the map. Best thing about it? NO CASH. Plus very reasonably priced. Uber charge your card at the end of the ride, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your night of ease (particularly if you pre-booked the club guest list: well done you).

  6. Cable car – for the adventurous
    A shot of Emirates Cable Cars in motion taken from the ground, overlooking the water on a sunny dayOh heck, it might not be for everyday but who wouldn’t want to see the city from the sky? Forget a birds eye view, BE THE BIRD for 7 soaring minutes in Emirates amazing cable car ride. Just try not to be too disheartened when you are returned to dry land.

  7. Boat – for the salty sea dogs
    A view across the Royal Docklands area with boats on the water with houses around it and London city skyscrapers from Canary Wharf shown in the background
    Why not turn to the Thames and hitch a ride on one of the sea boats that travel the length of the city? Crack that handy oyster out again to take the river bus, or take a tour after dark to see London from the water at night.

  8. Walking – for the energisers
    Westminster Bridge with lots of people on it and Big Ben in the background, taken from below the bridge
    I mean, we couldn’t not include putting one foot in front of the other, could we? London offers a lot of opportunities for exploring by foot, and that way you get to experience more of the sights up close and personal! Remember to don your comfiest footwear.

Do you see what we mean now? Land, sea, air, it’s all possible in London. Wherever you need or want to go, there are always several ways you can get there without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Get your oyster and go explore!

To stay up to date with the latest travel information in the capital, keep your eyes on TFL.


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