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LiFE in Shoreditch

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Published on: Feb. 27, 2017, 5:17 p.m.
Updated on: Jan. 15, 2019, 12:52 p.m.

Shoreditch is a place where walls and exteriors have become frames that hang the art of the neighbourhood, which even include pieces by the world-famous Banksy. You certainly can’t walk for long without experiencing the creativity, colour and vibrancy that make Shoreditch a stand-out in a capital of both historical and glass construction. And just as art can have hidden meaning, there are many hidden treasures to discover within Shoreditch.

Want to leave your own mark? Take part in a graffiti workshop and learn tips and techniques for spraying with style, and show off your new-found creative flair. Materials and protective gear are all included in the very reasonable price, as well as a guided tour of the area’s artwork. You could even become the next Banksy. Who would know?

Feeling hungry? Shoreditch boasts excellent street delicacies at the Urban Food Fest on Saturdays and through the tantalising traders at Brick Lane throughout the week. Be sure to also check out Food Village and Pump Street Food Market for further tummy treats.

For a more formal meal, head over to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, the non-profit restaurant serving fine cuisine with the charm and sweetness of the man himself. Gin and cocktails are also available at Fifteen, though you can opt to create your own by joining an exclusive masterclass. For the prestigious art and alcohol combo, attend a Drink and Draw on Friday evenings at the Royal Drawing School. Models pose for those of all abilities and you will learn how to capture their essence through numerous methods. Art and alcohol. That’s an A* from us.

For those not ready to end the night there, you’re in luck as Shoreditch is brimming with bars, clubs and restaurants. Dance, sing and swing to the brilliant live music of the Blue’s Kitchen or make miniature men’s legs kick as you score the winning goal at Bar Kick.

Strongroom is a must, showcasing emerging artists, DJs and stand-up comedians in a garden-esque setting, complete with wooden benches, willowy greenery and wondrous delight. From brainteasing Monday night quizzes to Sunday Power Up Brunches where consoles and controllers take centre stage, Strongroom is a microcosm of the Shoreditch community spirit.

Shoreditch is where creativity can be expressed and unleashed through artwork, food and fun. As they say, creativity is a way of LiFE.

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