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LiFE on the water's edge

Tags: london / development

Published on: June 22, 2017, 4:45 p.m.
Updated on: Oct. 29, 2019, 5:17 p.m.

Today was the day, the day I venture out and film my first walking tour on my own. And to be honest, here was no better place for me to go solo than in Greenwich, a borough that neighbours my hometown of Lewisham and one that I have spent many a day and night in. This, of course, made me feel slightly more relaxed and more confident in getting those exterior shots, simply because I knew where to go and where to point the camera. Also, the sun was in full spirit, a bit too hot for my liking but it certainly makes the area and the people glow which all makes for a better video.

Once I got my exterior shots, I made my way to the LiFE Residential branch office situated on the New Capital Quay site and much to my delight, the air con was blasting. As I cooled down from the outside heat and sipped on some cold water, I met Flora who I would be working with today…for the second time, *ahem*, let me explain; 

Rewind to the week before, I met Flora to film the newly available apartment on New Capital Quay. The day went great, we got some good shots, the vibe was good, the dialogue was on point, Flora was getting in 2-3 takes max. Amazing, I went home and voted in the General Election and got some sleep. Came in the next day to edit but wait, I can’t hear any of the dialogue! But I was so sure everything was working the day before, so what happened? Well, it turns out I had some apparent technical difficulties with the sound equipment. Woops! Luckily, I managed to fix the error, explain to Flora and book in a re-shoot in a few days’ time.

Fast forward to present day. So with this being our second take we both felt a little bit more comfortable since we’d pretty much done it all before and knew what to expect, meaning our day was to be slightly easier. Which it was. Flora’s knowledge and confidence of the site and the property itself was really appreciated, she knew exactly what to say and didn’t have too much apprehension which was a huge help. The apartment itself is great and the balcony overlooking the Thames and city really makes it.

All in all, I’m slightly glad to have had the opportunity to re-shoot as I feel we both did a better job than the first time around, even if It was under least favourable circumstances.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Just remember, kids, always test your equipment.


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