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LiFE in Greenwich

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Published on: Feb. 27, 2017, 5:17 p.m.
Updated on: Jan. 31, 2020, 6:32 a.m.

They say nothing lasts forever, but with buildings dating back over 500 years, Greenwich is clearly standing the test of time (which is not bad considering the weather). With history, culture and innovation at the forefront, there is even more to discover—and fortunately you won’t need The Royal Observatory telescope to locate these places!

Greenwich Park, the heart of this location, is home to much more than time itself. There is enough greenery to cater for the grazing deer, the wood mice and the foxes, which you can visit in The Wilderness. Also residing there are 400-year-old trees whose colour and fragrance add character to the park and you may even see a bat or two flying around (they’re friendly, we promise).

If nature isn’t your thing, the sea and the sky are the limit. The National Maritime Museum contains various marine exhibitions and galleries, allowing you to get a feel for Admiral Nelson’s maritime life. For the star-gazers among you, The Royal Observatory houses the Astronomy Centre and Planetarium where you can visit far-away galaxies, experience classic Sci-Fi films and-as you’d expect-even learn about astronomy. Talk about travelling across space and time in Greenwich (Doctor Who himself needed a TARDIS for that).

From Shakespeare to Shakira, Greenwich is also alive with entertainment. The O2 showcases everything from concerts to Olympic test events and shows including The BRIT Awards. Ensure you arrive via an Emirates Air Line Cable Car at least once, as it provides breath-taking views of the River Thames and the surrounding city. You can also climb the O2’s dome both in daylight and twilight, with clear skies allowing landmark visibility up to 15 miles away. Nearby, Up the Creek Comedy Club houses both up-and-coming and more established comedians battling it out for your laughs. Open-mic on Thursdays gives you a time to shine too.

For all you film fans, a visit to the Old Royal Naval College is definitely worth a visit. Designed by the brilliant Sir Christopher Wren and featured in such films as Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Duchess and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as shows such as Sherlock Holmes and The Young Victoria, it really is magnificent to behold. Freshly-cut grass separates two symmetrical baroque-esque buildings, within which the Painted Hall—featuring ceiling scenes of mythical and real-life importance—and the chapel can be found. Time for a picture (or a hundred) we think!

From the historical architecture to the modern adventures, Greenwich is a place where time collides. With so much to experience here, we’re sure you’ll have the time of your LiFE.

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