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LiFE goes Premier League with Josh Phegan


Published on: July 5, 2017, 5:01 p.m.
Updated on: Oct. 30, 2019, 9:19 a.m.

Is your energy worth buying? This was one of the many questions property expert Josh Phegan asked our lettings and sales teams to consider yesterday. 

Hosting the event at the infamous Stamford Bridge stadium, home to Chelsea football club, we invited Josh to spend the day with our lettings and sales teams to help inspire them to take their customer service skills to the next level. Known as Real Estate’s skyrocketing high performance coach, Josh is an internationally renowned go-to speaker, trainer and coach for high-performance real estate agents and agencies. He is the number one preferred trainer for Australia's top 100 agents and top 50 women in real estate. 

Through a combination of interactive presentations, role-plays and break-out group sessions, the teams developed their understanding of the customer's experience and how they could offer a more personal service in their role as agents moving forward. (Including of course, the very memorable "smile before you dial").

Staff enjoying Josh Phegan's speech

We asked Josh why training days like this are not only beneficial for our staff, but for our clients too:

"It's really important from the consumer's persepective, the buyer, tenant, landlord or the seller, that whoever you're employing, they're really good at what they do. Consumers today expect competence in every area of service, and with the estate agency model there is no doubt a lot of areas of competence that we need to build because you get to deal with so many different people from many different walks of life."


Josh Phegan writing on a flip chart when presenting

We also asked what he had learnt about us after our day together:

"In the half a day that I've spent with LiFE one of the key things that I've picked up is quite a youthful culture, a lot of people that are very keen to learn about what it actually takes to provide a great service. We are seeing a lot of people that actually want to grow inside of their careers and see estate agency as a career for life."


Thanks for the inspiration Josh! You've definitely got us even more excited for LiFE's future.

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