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LiFE in Bermondsey

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Published on: Feb. 27, 2017, 5:16 p.m.
Updated on: Jan. 15, 2019, 12:54 p.m.

Bermondsey, or ‘Biscuit Town’ to its friends (fun fact, the chocolate bourbon originated from Bermondsey) has food flowing through its history. Previously nicknamed, ‘London’s Larder’ due to importing the majority of London’s cheese, butter and canned meat to its docks in the 19th century, Bermondsey has since evolved into a residential town complete with museums, parks and both daytime and night-time attractions. With food still an important asset, Bermondsey aims to feed your soul too.

During the weekends, find fine food at the Maltby Street Market (aka Ropewalk) where bunting of various colours and flags connect the surrounding buildings together. We especially recommend the luxurious cakes and pastries of Comptoir Gourmand, but for those with a more savoury tooth, try Waffle On, Sticky Bundits and Tozino for southern fried chicken, jerk tuna and tapas, but not necessarily in that order!

Druid Street Market is just beyond Maltby Street providing both international and niche cuisine. While in the area, be sure to check out Rock My Bowl, which provides colourful and seasonal takes on muesli, porridge and the smoothie, adding flowers, fruit and charm. For sweet treats, Fatties Bakery serve up a storm with scrumptious caramels, brownies and bacon-flavoured popcorn. Leave some room for Blu Top though, you don’t want to miss out on the best ice cream sandwiches in town. Choose from brown toast & jam, (that is an ice cream flavour, we checked) sea monkey (chocolate with peanut butter caramel) and Cop Car (white coffee with glazed donut gravel pieces) among other adventurous flavours. You’re sure to find a match made in food heaven.


For those with a passion for fashion, the Fashion and Textile Museum is not to be missed. From galleries and exhibitions on artists such as Anna Sui, Gudrun Sjoden and Josef Frank to workshops teaching the art of silk painting, couture, tapestry weaving and drawing there is always something new to experience. Nearby, the White Cube displays art from renowned artists, such as Damian Hirst, Park Seo-Bo and Anselm Kiefer with the exhibition space updated frequently.

During the evenings, Bermondsey is rife with nightlife. Head to Thomas A Becket for continental drinks such as the Polish Martini, and dazzling new flavours including the hot pomegranate cocktail and the apple strudel martini. Regular events consist of Club and Jazz Nights, as well as DJs playing the latest hits.

The Bermondsey Arts Club is great for those longing for the speak-easy era, with dim light covering art-deco design as jazz enhances the atmosphere. For pub lovers, check out The Angel, considered to be one of the best pubs along the Thames. We’ll drink to that!

From fabulous food to fashionable attractions, Bermondsey is creating its own LiFEstyle with ease.

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