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Introducing Royal Wharf

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27 March 2017 15:32

So, what is all this business about Royal Wharf? Where is it? What is it? And why is it so exciting? 

Royal Wharf is a brand new development which is set to transform the Docklands area. The development itself will consist of 3,385 units, including 500m of south-facing riverside walks and 45% open play space. Not only home to houses and businesses, Royal Wharf will also feature a supermarket, coffee shop, pub, parks, schools, a clubhouse fitness centre and an away of retail shops and restaurants. 

Hard to imagine? Join Amelia on a virtual tour around the development and the surrounding area, so you can get a feel for LiFE at Royal Wharf! 

We have an on-site office based in one of the townhouses available to buy or rent. Endrit, our friendly on-site lettings manager is available to help you with your investment or move to Royal Wharf, offering on-site tours and advice. You can look around our show-house at Rope Terrace too to get a feel for the kinds of properties available.

Collage of parts of Royal Wharf, featuring different property development buildings and water spaces

The nearest station is Pontoon Dock, which is just a two-minute walk from our office.

Give Endrit a call on: 07711468176 to find out more about what LiFE could be like for you at Royal Wharf. What are you waiting for?