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Supporting our clients through COVID-19 (UPDATED 27-05-2020)

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Published on: March 19, 2020, 12:24 p.m.
Updated on: May 28, 2020, 1:56 p.m.

In light of the current situation regarding the global COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to inform you how LiFE Residential is responding to the situation and supporting our clients during this challenging time. 

Even with LiFE in this new and uncertain environment, we're committed to helping you find your new home and take care of your property investment.   

LiFE UPDATE AS OF 27/05/2020 - our branches are now open for appointments! 

On Wednesday 13th May, the UK Government lifted the lockdown on the housing market, allowing estate agents to re-open, physical viewings to be conducted and non-essential works to be carried out in vacant properties.   

Since the announcement, we have taken important measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients, including industrially cleaning all 10 of our branches, ensuring there is enough PPE to conduct appointments and viewings in a safe manner and adapting the way we operate. 

After implementing the government guidance of COVID-19 safety measures, we have now opened all 10 LiFE branches for appointments! To learn more about our new way of LiFE and our physical viewings procedure, click here.

What are we doing in light of COVID-19?


Our 10 London branches have unfortunately had to temporarily close their doors, in order to stay compliant with the UK Government’s current instructions. Branches are now only accessible via appointment only for those already in the process of moving, or to facilitate essential works in properties.

Yet, we remain open for business, empowered by our 180 staff members who are currently working hard from the safety of their homes.


We do still have properties available for let and sale, however due to restrictions by the UK Government, we are currently unable to carry out face-to-face viewings. Instead, we are offering remote viewings in order to stay compliant with new government legislation.


If you’re a prospective tenant with us, you will need to complete a right to rent check to ensure that you have the rights to rent in the UK. The need for this to be completed in person has now been removed, and instead, the check can now be carried out over video call.

To carry out a virtual right to rent check you will need to: 

  • Submit a scanned copy of your original documents (UK passport/Visa) by email or mobile. 
  • Arrange a video call with one of our team members to have your documents checked once again over the call. 

For property emergencies during working hours

Please report emergencies during working hours (9am - 5:30pm) by contacting your Property Manager.

For property emergencies out of hours

Please report emergencies outside of working hours by contacting +44 (0)7876 502 396 and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Please be aware that non-essential property works may have to be delayed.

What can you do to help?

If you're a current tenant, please contact us through email rather than via phone. Use LiFE Residential Repair Reporting System online to report non-essential maintenance issues and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

During these uncertain times, we must work together to ensure that everyone is kept safe and well. We appreciate your understanding.


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