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What Larks in Arc Tower!

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Published on: Sept. 8, 2017, 1:25 p.m.
Updated on: Oct. 30, 2019, 10:33 a.m.

Upon the request of his landlord, Ed decides to fill out a video booking form and we meet outside Arc Tower a few days later. 

'I've got a great two bed', he says, 'it's really bright and has loads of space.' He's not wrong. 

Not only is the apartment itself worth the hype, so is the surrounding area of Ealing Broadway, just ten minutes from the Arc Tower development. The district line whisks you to and from the capital, making Ealing Broadway a welcome haven from the roar of th rest of the capital. Ealing itself has lots to rave about. Not limited to it's bohemian lifestyle, it offers cafes, bars and boutique restaurants. 

The first thing we film is the apartment. Ed moves from room to room boasting about Arc Tower's features. The two bedrooms are of a great size with built-in wardrobes, the bathroom has a shower and bath but the best thing is the living room. It's huge. It leads on to a smart kitchen area at one end of the room which comes equipped with washing machine, dishwasher, cooker and the rest of the kitchen appliances. It is open plan and you can see yourself realistically living there. It's somewhere you would want to be. 

We then film the communal areas. This apartment has its own private parking in the underground parking facility at a cost, which is pretty impressive for a London flat. It also has a 24 hour concierge on site ready and waiting to greet you and sign your packages. Ed delivers this sequence with the confidence of a professional presenter. He bumps into one of his landlords whilst filming and makes some arrangements for the next day, then, straight back to the camera, impressive, no? 

Ed finishes up the video doing his call to action to camera. He encourages our viewers to get in touch, it's an apartment that will be snapped up sharpish. What comes across the most is Ed's passion for the apartment and in property in general. If you want an agent who genuinely wants the best for you, then our staff are your best bet. 



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