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A tour of luxury

Tags: property / Sales

Published on: June 20, 2017, 9:14 a.m.
Updated on: Jan. 15, 2019, 12:17 p.m.

Columbia Gardens is an impressive development; decked out like a hotel with its shiny marble walls and kitchen tops. It was an extra special filming event because our work experience chum Andy was on set to lend a helping hand. She was the designated sound girl - no pressure. We arrived early to scout the development. It gleamed in the slightly emerging sun behind the clouds. It was glass and light and stone and gave off an impressive architectural importance. 

The two bed, two bath apartment was on the ground floor. It was unfurnished which showed how big the rooms really were. Sometimes unfurnished properties can be bad because it means there are fewer items to focus on as a videographer. But I had a feeling James would appreciate us not hanging around for too long. 

Unfortunately, it started to rain early so our exteriors were short lived. James was nervous, wanted time to perfect his improvised lines and spent much of the session staring at the walls trying to get his head around being in front of the camera. But one cigarette break later and he was back with a roaring energy, back to attack this Columbia Garden video nonsence!

As we continued on with the video, James began to get more confident, making jokes about the wardrobes and how he opened the kitchen cupboards. He began to fully appreciate the magic of amateur dramatics. The two bathrooms stood out to him as the best part of the apartment. They were sleek and stylish and the type of bathrooms you would actually want to show to your friends.

I appreciated James putting himself out there and being totally out of his comfort zone. He persevered and that is something to be admired. 

The shoot went off practically without a hitch....accept for James opening the sliding shower door on my foot. But it's okay, he didn't mean to. Although looking back on it, I'm really not so sure...



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